The Brook Park Civic Association was organized in 1977 for the families residing within the development.  Its purposes are:

    1. To keep its members informed of actions and proposals of community officials and individuals, which may affect their interests as residents and taxpayers.
    2. To provide an agency through which the common interests of its members may be brought to the attention of the community officials and the general public.
    3. To represent the common interests of its members before the various legislative and administrative bodies of the community on matters affecting the health, safety, welfare, education or personal property rights of its members.
    4. To promote fellowship among its members.
    5. To advance the general welfare and interests of its members through such projects as the Board of Governors may authorize from time to time.

Past accomplishments of the Civic Association include re-routing school bus stops, making cable television available, and preventing low-cost townhouse development at the corner of Sloop and Rochester Roads.  The Civic Association successfully installed the street lamp at the intersection of Fassinger Lane and Rochester Road, and erected the Brook Park Manor entrance sign at this same location.  In addition, a Block Captain Program was established to enhance community communication and awareness, and was instrumental in establishing a crime watch.
Ongoing projects include sponsoring and organizing a wide range of events, distributing a neighborhood newsletter, maintaining a neighborhood-wide email list for news/events/alerts, printing a resident directory, and financing landscaping efforts around the Brook Park Manor entrance sign.

The Association is a voluntary Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Membership in the Association is not mandatory and the Association does not have the authority to compel payment of dues or levy special assessments.  The Association encourages but does not require all landowners in Brook Park Manor to be members of the Association.

Former residents, and residents of adjacent neighborhoods like Field Club and Fassinger Farms, are eligible for Social Membership in the Brook Park Civic Association to participate in neighborhood events and receive a copy of the Directory. Social Members have all the same rights except cannot vote on property-related issues.

Membership dues are $35 — due March 1st
Make checks payable to:
“Brook Park Civic Association” or “BPMCA”

Payments may be mailed to:
Jessica Deible
1607 King James Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237